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Any of various liquid isomers, C10H22, of the alkane series.


(Elements & Compounds) a liquid alkane hydrocarbon existing in several isomeric forms. Formula: C10H22
[C19: from deca- + -ane]


(ˈdɛk eɪn)

a hydrocarbon, C10H22, of the methane series, occurring in several isomeric forms.
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The laboratory tests were carried out by means of a permeameter changing the negative temperatures and using various configurations of filtrate: water, various concentrations of NaCl solution, bentonite and traped decane (Enssle et al.
The organic nanocrystals were suspended in decane solvent obtained from Sigma Aldrich (No 457116) and used without further purification.
Preliminary trials of bistrimethylammonium decane and pentane diiodide (C10 and C5) in man.
In the natural gas industry, heavy HC liquids such as nonane, decane and heavier are used to extract light HCs from non-HCs in a gas stream.
The starfruit-population emanation has also unique compounds: decane (11), (Z)-[beta]-ocimene (15) and geranyl acetate (31).
Surface-active substances and hydrocarbons such as squalene, decane, dudecane or specific isoparaffin have also been tried [9, 10].
6)] decane and Nonadecane were not detected in the spoilt sweet pepper fruits with the methyl group of 1,2,3- Trimethylbenzene shifted to position four to yield 1,2,4- Trimethylbenzene in the spoilt fruits.
ma] of decane and benzaldehyde sorption on the carpet from Deng et al.
Hydroisomerization of decane on Pt/Al,Ce-pil lared vermiculites.
The breakthrough, which was published in the journal Nature Chemistry, came after the Cardiff team fed a gas mixture of decane and oxygen through a mixed-metal catalyst - which changes the rate of a chemical reaction.
These VOCs [including benzene, xylene, hexane, heptane, octane, decane, trichloroethylene (TCE), and methylene chloride] have been shown to cause illnesses in people who are exposed to the compounds in indoor spaces.