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n. decapsulación, incisión y extirpación de una cápsula.
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Methodologically anchored in Critical Collaborative Research (PCCol) (MAGALHAES, 2009, 2011, 2012), characterized as intervention research (2) focusing on the notions of decapsulation and transformation of school learning, the project is organized in fortnightly meetings with six teachers from different epistemological areas, one pedagogical coordinator of the language and its technologies area and four Applied Linguistics researchers.
The two devices in Figure 1 appeared genuine when they were purchased on the open market, but decapsulation showed that the genuine part had the TI logo and the part number, and the counterfeit version had the Atech" logo and no part number.
Tenders are invited for Automatic Decapsulation System
Partial decapsulation of splenic epithelial cysts: studies on etiology and outcome.
Frequently RCFA-1 involves decapsulation and internal study with sub-layer removal, cross-sectioning, circuit's segment-component isolation or shortening, etc.
5, either encapsulation or decapsulation module belongs to the overlay packet sub-layer.
Decapsulation: The decapsulation algorithm is deterministic, takes a cipher text C and an identity secret key and outputs the encapsulated key k
Myoma enucleation was extremely easy as we found an optimal angle of cleavage for decapsulation.
We are also using it for the evaluation of the laser beam influence on the SoC (System on Chip) functionality in course of laser decapsulation procedure development.
Define the frame format, the time frame, and perform data encapsulation and decapsulation for communications between devices.
However, due to difficult process of Artemia decapsulation, certain practices are developed to eliminate the procedure and infrastructure dependency of obtaining Artemia nauplii by the manufacturers.
provided evidence, by decapsulation of rat adrenal gland to separate the zG from the rest of the gland, that the principal site of aldosterone secretion is the capsular portion, i.