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n. decapsulación, incisión y extirpación de una cápsula.
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type, size & pin count) - Unknown Components Decapsulation - Repartition by package type - Mfr.
Encapsulation and decapsulation may be a relatively expensive operation to run for a router, depending on whether or not the router has an appropriate hardware for the task.
Announcement of competition: The Digital Forensics Section that NCIS Norway wishes two Procure a laser decapsulation system for use in forensic investigations of electronic deicers and integrated circuits.
Services included in this are Radiological (X-RAY), Lead Finish Evaluation (XRF), Decapsulation, Remarking and Resurfacing.
Splenic cysts which do not resolve over time can be treated with partial splenic decapsulation.
Through the dialectic of encapsulation / decapsulation we can also deepen our understanding of the symbolic and emotional negotiations involved in the production of the "city as spectacle".
In 1903, Groves published a case of decapsulation of kidneys performed in a patient with acute nephritis.
DECAPSULATION, OR DE-CAP, is a failure analysis technique that involves removal of material packaging from an integrated circuit.
The first renal biopsy was likely performed in 1901 in New York City, NY, as part of a renal decapsulation procedure for the treatment of Bright disease.
Decapsulation of Artemia cysts: a simple technique for the improvement of the use of brine shrimp in aquaculture.
Invasive methods, such as renal decapsulation, nephrectomy, or lymphatic anastomosis, are for patients who fail to respond to treatment with silver nitrate instillation.