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A line of verse having ten syllables.

dec′a·syl·lab′ic (-sə-lăb′ĭk) adj.


(Poetry) a word or line of verse consisting of ten syllables
decasyllabic adj


(ˈdɛk əˌsɪl ə bəl)

a word or line of verse of ten syllables.
dec`a•syl•lab′ic (-sɪˈlæb ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.decasyllable - a verse line having ten syllables
verse line, verse - a line of metrical text


[ˈdekəsɪləbl] Ndecasílabo m


nZehnsilber m
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Correspondingly, the lines oscillate between the pair and the impair, the well-formed (5//5 decasyllable [first and fourth lines], 3>5 octosyllable [fifth line]) and the indeterminate.
Given that Nostradamus's universe is ruled by rhyme and number, I felt I needed to give myself this formal constraint of the French decasyllable, which can gather up to eight stresses per line in my English.
He introduced lyrical emotionality and sensation; he overcame the insufficiently reanimated non-symmetric decasyllable expression and laid the basic points towards creativity and high poetical goal.
According to my work on rococo meter, the alexandrine, decasyllable and octosyllable combination is a favorite in rococo heterometrical poetry (Nell-Boelsche 243).
Adapted from the Italian ottava rima, it is a stanza of eight decasyllable lines concluded by a ninth, six - foot iambic line, or Alexandrine, and rhymes a - b - a - b - b - c - b - c - c:
The majority of poems, however, are short decasyllable poems called Amours, which engage current debate on the various viewpoints on love.
Things get increasingly less clear when the drive to analyse the English decasyllable into three phrases produces, for example, 'And beauteous horror/ strikes/ the dazzled sight' and 'More cultured groves/ o'ershade/ the grassy meads' (p.
Its placement is more rigid in the decasyllable, however, where
The sixain aabccb, with every line a regular decasyllable, provides this excellently; and as it is not a common form, it mixes the requisite strangeness with its sobriety.
Analysis of Verlaine's prosodic experiments has been central to the elaboration of conflicting metrical theories, and the centerpiece of this volume is Benoit de Cornulier's detailed examination of the decasyllable.