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A short, houselike structure on the upper deck of a ship.


(Nautical Terms) a houselike cabin on the deck of a ship



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
an enclosed structure on the weather deck of a vessel.


[ˈdekhaʊs] N (deckhouses (pl)) [ˈdekˌhaʊzɪz]camareta f alta
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A week of buffeting a tempestuous and relentless sea; a week of seasickness and deserted cabins; of lonely quarterdecks drenched with spray--spray so ambitious that it even coated the smokestacks thick with a white crust of salt to their very tops; a week of shivering in the shelter of the lifeboats and deckhouses by day and blowing suffocating "clouds" and boisterously performing at dominoes in the smoking room at night.
The sticks were jerked out of her, deckhouses splintered to match-wood, rails ripped off, and, after the worst had passed, the covering boards began to go.
He said that in his watch he had been sheltering behind the deckhouse, as there was a rain storm, when he saw a tall, thin man, who was not like any of the crew, come up the companionway, and go along the deck forward and disappear.
WL), superstructures, deckhouses, drive shafts : - Repair work on the rotary wing rudders, plus removal and installation of the steering gear : - Replace the anode to the outer vessel : - Remove skin bump (E-.
Her hull is of steel, her deckhouses and spars of aluminum alloy for stability, her sails are of terylene, and she is insulated against noise and heat with the newest materials available.
The works include the three points listed below - Preservation maintenance on tank tops and marine areas,- Preservation maintenance deckhouses,- Preservation maintenance deck coverings outside decks.
In these ships the smoking room and a ladies' upper cabin or deck saloon, are both housed in deckhouses on the promenade deck.
For rapid construction of naval structures, like ship deckhouses, 3-D printing a rapid prototyping technique was utilized to develop a new snap fit joint pultrusion die.
Comprising an original offering of 69 elegant oceanfront homes and 7 South, an exclusive 20,000 square-foot penthouse, all anchored by the hotel itself, as well as the newest phases, The DeckHouses and Secret Harbour, The Residences are distinguished by an unparalleled lifestyle experience enhanced with the unique Endless Service program, which includes a fleet of luxury automobiles and intrepid 36-foot motor yachts available for use when in residence.
The Navy has had a troubled history with aluminum deckhouses on steel hulls.