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deck 1

1. A platform extending horizontally from one side of a ship to the other.
a. A platform or surface likened to a ship's deck.
b. An unroofed platform, typically with a railing, that adjoins a building or is built on a rooftop.
c. The roadway of a bridge or an elevated freeway.
3. The piece of hard material, usually wood or composite, to which the frames housing the wheels are attached on a skateboard or landboard.
a. A pack of playing cards.
b. A group of data processing cards.
c. A digital file containing slides for a presentation.
5. A tape deck.
tr.v. decked, deck·ing, decks
1. To furnish with or as if with a deck.
2. Slang To knock down: He decked his sparring partner.
clear the deck Informal
To prepare for action.
hit the deck Slang
1. To get out of bed.
2. To fall or drop to a prone position.
3. To prepare for action.
on deck
1. On hand; present.
2. Sports Waiting to take one's turn, especially as a batter in baseball.

[Middle English dekke, from Middle Dutch dec, roof, covering; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]

deck 2

tr.v. decked, deck·ing, decks
1. To clothe with finery; adorn. Often used with out: We were all decked out for the party.
2. To decorate: decked the halls for the holidays.

[Dutch dekken, to cover, from Middle Dutch decken; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Architecture) a wooden deck or platform, esp one in a garden for deckchairs, etc
2. (Horticulture) a wooden deck or platform, esp one in a garden for deckchairs, etc


n (esp US: = wooden flooring) → Deck nt
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