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One who makes or signs a statement that declares that the information given is true.


(Law) chiefly law a person who makes a declaration


(dɪˈklɛər ənt)

1. a person who declares or makes a declaration or statement.
2. Law. an alien who has formally declared before a court of record the intention of becoming a U.S. citizen.
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One witness "declared also That the said Alan Breck threatened that he would challenge Ballieveolan and his sons to fight because of his removing the declarant last year from Glenduror.
Ziti : [beaucoup moins que] En Tanzanie en conquerants [beaucoup plus grand que] Le seul joueur de champ local, Khoutir-Mohamed Ziti, enchaine lui aussi dans le meme sens en declarant : [beaucoup moins que] Etre le seul joueur local parmi la selection m'honore et me pousse a me surpasser.
declarant will be liable for capital gains under the I- T Act on the sale of such asset in future.
The declarant may be the importer being the holder of the bill of lading, or a customs broker acting under the authority from a holder of the bill, or a person duly empowered to act as agent or attorney-in-fact for each holder.
11) Second, prior inconsistent statements are admissible against a witness or hearsay declarant (on cross-examination) for impeachment purposes, whether or not the statement was formally made, so long as a proper foundation has been made.
Meanwhile, the child declarant makes multiple statements to various other individuals.
First, the proponent of the statement must demonstrate that "the adverse party murdered the declarant and that the murder was intended to cause the unavailability of the declarant as a witness.
Court would use the reasonable expectation of the declarant as the
Proof of intent to silence the declarant as a witness is not required.
It does not make sense that a declarant whose capacity of reflection has been stilled could simultaneously have any anticipation about how her declaration would be used and thereby satisfy Crawford.
Depending on the applicable jurisdiction, however, a person who succeeds to or exercises any "special declarant rights," or to whom any special declarant rights are transferred, may also be a declarant under the law.
The seized currencies were kept and the necessary action was taken by the Customs Department; thus, the cargo declarant was called for interrogations and he confessed being guilty of the crime.

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