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Moderately steep.

de·cliv′i·tous·ly adv.


(dɪˈklɪv ɪ təs)

having a somewhat steep downward slope.
de•cliv′i•tous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.declivitous - sloping down rather steeply
descending - coming down or downward
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Hemelytron semitransparent, not much declivitous at cuneal fracture; membrane pale smoky brown, with posteriorly reddish or orangepink veins.
Mesosoma: smooth and shining, with sparse setigerous punctures on pronotum and near margins of mesonotum, mesopleura, sides of propodeum; katepisternum with sparse setigerous punctures; disc of mesonotum and declivity of propodeum not punctate; propodeum evenly declivitous in lateral view; legs smooth, shining, with sparse, strong, semidecumbent, curved, distally directed hairs; hind basitarsus longer than hind tibia; a dense, coarse, ventral brush of hairs on distal half of front basitarsus.
Play stump the copy editor with gems such as claque ("a group hired to applaud at a performance"), footle ("to talk or act foolishly"), declivitous ("moderately steep") and imago ("an idealized mental image of another person or the self").