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Art deco.

art′ dec′o

(often caps.) a style of decorative art developed orig. in the 1920s and marked chiefly by geometric motifs, curvilinear forms, and sharply defined outlines.
[1965–70; < French Art Déco, shortened from (Exposition Internationale des) Arts Décoratifs]
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Noun1.deco - a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930sdeco - a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s; marked by stylized forms and geometric designs adapted to mass production
art movement, artistic movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles
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Jewelers such as Georges Fouquet, Jean Fouquet, Louis Cartier, Raymond Templier and GAaAaAeA@rard Sandoz led the charge for A Deco motifs in the domain of jewelry, sweeping away floral and organic motifs for an emphasis on strong contrasts and colors.
FOX & IVY ART DECO BLACK ENAMEL PHOTO FRAME 4X6", TESCO DIRECT Display your favourite moments in this stunning frame from Fox & Ivy.
New Delhi [India], August 23 ( ANI ): The roaring twenties witnessed the advent of an evocative movement: Art Deco.
MSC said it will be able to provide DECO customers access to MSC's one m-plus product portfolio to support its full metalworking and MRO needs.
Deco M5 is a mesh networking solution that provides seamless wireless internet coverage and comprehensive security via TP-Link
to the vendor, the Deco M5 is a mesh networking solution that
Powered by a quad-core processor, Deco M5 Whole-Home Wi-Fi Systems deploy the latest mesh technology to paint your home in Wi-Fi.
Starting in Paris with the 1925 L'Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, Art Deco, with its stylized ornamentation, geometric detailing and streamlined, cutting-edge form, became the modern architectural language of the Jazz Age.
INSPIRATION For an inexpensive art deco finish, select a luxe fabric and hang a large gathered panel behind the bed from floor to ceiling.
Critique: Art Deco emerged from the inter-war period when rapid industrialization was transforming culture.
With these launches Sanoma/SBS strengthens the position in Home Deco and takes big steps in the rollout of its domain strategy.
99 FIRE BASKET Art deco fire basket, Fires 2 U, www.