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Verb1.decolor - remove color from; "The sun bleached the red shirt"
discolor - cause to lose or change color; "The detergent discolored my shirts"
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The new Praxair VPSA systems will supply ozone units which decolor and disinfect water, helping mitigate water shortages and supporting the citys sustainability efforts.
Salida multi-imagen, salto de pagina en blanco, i-DTC, DTCavanzado, DTC simplificado, sRGB, seleccion automatica de color, alineacion, recorte, eliminacion de marcas de perforadora, recorte con tabulador, separacion superior inferior, difusion de error, difuminado, eliminacion de Moire, enfasis de imagen, limpieza decolor, exclusion de color, reparacion de borde, reduccion de marcas verticales.
3 Berosini Hyphydrini Berosus coelacanthus Oliva Desmopachria concolor Sharp Berosus decolor Knisch Desmopachria sp.
Spotless, which sells products under brands including Eau Ecarlate, Vigor, Decolor Top and Dylon, was set up in 2005 after the purchase of French laundry and homecare products maker Eau Ecarlate.
decolor (Uhler), from which it can be distinguished by the larger size, denser silvery setae, and base of femur always pale.