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v. de·com·pressed, de·com·press·ing, de·com·press·es
1. To relieve of pressure or compression.
2. To bring (a person exposed to conditions of increased pressure) gradually back to normal atmospheric pressure.
1. To adjust to normal atmospheric conditions after being exposed to increased pressure.
2. Informal To relax: decompressed after 12 hours of driving.
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Noun1.decompressing - relieving pressure (especially bringing a compressed person gradually back to atmospheric pressure)
alleviation, easement, easing, relief - the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance); "he asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain"
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The method of manufacturing incombustible wood includes performing plural times of individual drying steps for drying wood (for example, board material B), decompression steps for decompressing the wood, decompression impregnation steps for impregnating the wood with an incombustibility treatment agent in a decompressed state, and compression impregnation steps for impregnating the wood with the incombustibility treatment agent in a compressed state, wherein two times of the individual decompression steps, individual decompression impregnation steps, and compression impregnation steps are performed, and three times of the drying steps are performed.
Decompressing isn't a word that befriends me at the best of times, but certainly sitting at a piano or spending time at the theatre or a good concert helps.
The risk inherent in this exploit is that any compressed archive may contain such resource forks and metadata, and that decompressing an archive and double-clicking a resulting file can execute a shell script contained in the invisible_MACOSX folder.