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tr.v. de·con·cen·trat·ed, de·con·cen·trat·ing, de·con·cen·trates
To make less concentrated or centralized.

de′con·cen·tra′tion n.


(Commerce) the act of decentralizing or the state of becoming less concentrated in one area
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The President of the Republic, Joo Loureno, said Monday in Benguela that the Executive is devoting great attention to the issue of autonomy of local authorities and administrative deconcentration and decentralization.
This training aims to improve the skills and knowledge of young people in terms of decentralisation, deconcentration, participatory democracy and the protection of rights and freedoms.
She notes that in many places [the centers] are working, thanking all those who made contributions to getting them in the place where they are rendering the service envisioned by the Deconcentration Program.
Il a souligne dans le meme ordre d'idees la necessite de proceder a une reforme fiscale dans le but de realiser la justice sociale, de prevoir des mesures fiscales incitatives au profit de la classe moyenne, de revoir les criteres d'imposition des pensions de retraite, tout en appelant a la poursuite du chantier de la regionalisation avancee et de l'accompagner par l'etablissement d'une charte de la deconcentration et de deployer davantage d'efforts en matiere d'industrialisation et de promotion des PME.
The progressive decentralization of power to local government and the deconcentration of economic activities has provided opportunities for local elite capture.
There are arguments that deconcentration without a transfer of authority should not be considered decentralisation as the organisation continues to behave like a centralised system.
Additionally, decentralization is often associated with some other similar terms like deconcentration, delegation and devolution.
beaucoup plus grand que] Notre interlocuteur a evoque aussi l'environnement et le role important que doivent jouer les medias pour eviter aux boxeurs la deconcentration.
Indeed, an objective of the 1974 Act authorizing the Section 8 program includes "the reduction of the isolation of income groups within communities and geographical areas and the promotion of an increase in the diversity and vitality of neighborhoods through the spatial deconcentration of housing opportunities for persons of lower income.
L'association soutient qu'une separation de pouvoir claire et nette entre les structures de decentralisation et les structures de deconcentration devra etre stipulee clairement par le texte de cette loi.
But reading the peace agreement from third party point of view, the summary intention or underlying idea in this agreement are two main things namely: the deconcentration of executive powers from single appointing authority to different appointing authorities at all levels of government.
One of the main tasks of the mayor's office covers decentralization and deconcentration of its powers, mayor Kubanychbek Kulmatov said today at the round table discussion on the city's development.