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v. de·con·di·tioned, de·con·di·tion·ing, de·con·di·tions
1. Psychology To cause (a conditioned response) to become extinct.
2. To cause to decline from a condition of physical fitness, as through a prolonged period of inactivity or, in astronauts, through weightlessness in space.
To lose physical fitness.


vb (tr)
to take away or cancel conditioned responses in (a person)


(ˌdi kənˈdɪʃ ən)

1. to diminish the physical strength or stamina of; weaken.
2. to diminish or eliminate the conditioned responses or behavior patterns of.
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Throughout life, we can either condition our muscles to grow or decondition them.
Traditional shoes with support and heel elevation can decondition the foot and promote muscle imbalance.
According to Terry Givens, who helped design fitness courses for the United States Air Force Academy, as we age, our tissues decondition.