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v. de·con·di·tioned, de·con·di·tion·ing, de·con·di·tions
1. Psychology To cause (a conditioned response) to become extinct.
2. To cause to decline from a condition of physical fitness, as through a prolonged period of inactivity or, in astronauts, through weightlessness in space.
To lose physical fitness.


vb (tr)
to take away or cancel conditioned responses in (a person)


(ˌdi kənˈdɪʃ ən)

1. to diminish the physical strength or stamina of; weaken.
2. to diminish or eliminate the conditioned responses or behavior patterns of.
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But there are two potential issues that we need to consider as healthcare providers or savvy health consumers: (1) anabolic potential; (2) injuries and deconditioning
The holder will distribute the supplies in accordance with a list established by the community and will deconditioning products and not let the blisters and other original packages.
Symptoms of pulmonary involvement include dyspnea, fatigue, deconditioning, impaired exercise tolerance and in turn, reduced physical, recreational and social activities, and impaired health related quality of life (HRQoL).
As rehabilitation specialists at the University of Cincinnati wrote this month in BioPortfolio, stroke patients with residual weakness "enter a vicious cycle of limited activity and deconditioning.
COPD is also of course associated with reduced exercise capacity secondary to hypoxaemia, dyspnoea and general physical deconditioning.
If you have a patient who tells you they have pain all the time everywhere, then think about deconditioning.
Increasing walking exercise intensity can lead to increased oxygen consumption and walk training with someone who normally jogs will lead to deconditioning in coronary patients [2].
Dyspnea and fatigue reduce ambulation in people with HF, which leads to deconditioning (poor exercise tolerance) and disuse atrophy, which further reduces the muscle strength required for performing daily activities and various physical functions.
We can combat the physical deconditioning that occurs with bed rest by using a stepwise mobility progression program.
Treating irreversible chronic pain means a combination of psychology, physical therapy and medication - and sometimes surgery - to achieve a realistic quality of life and prevent further deconditioning, Haber says.
Even if there is not harm tor preterm birth, there probably is harm in other regards--in terms of deconditioning, in terms of bone loss," he said.
However, maximal testing in a population that exhibits high levels of fatigue and deconditioning (Curt et al.