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Part of the DE Group, Deconstruct will carry out soft strip, demolition, piling and structural alterations on behalf of client Ignus UK Property Fund, who was advised by Paragon Building Consultancy Ltd.
Pioneering for-profit providers, for example, used the concept of a value web to deconstruct sequential processes and enhance value at all stages of relationships and services.
The findings help deconstruct the mysterious mechanisms that underlie PBDE-99 neurotoxicity.
When confronted with an urbanistic program, an architect may either (a) design a masterly construction, an inspired architectural gesture (a composition); (b) take what exists, fill in the gaps, complete the text, scribble in the margins (a complement); (c) deconstruct what exists by critically analysing the historical layers that preceded it, even adding other layers derived from elsewhere--from other cities, other parks (a palimpsest); or (d) search for an intermediary--an abstract system to intermediate between the site, as well as all given constraints, and some other concept, beyond city or program (a mediation) .
No stranger to the bank to Jersey barrier scene, Jason Adams' abrupt frontside lipslide was a snap to deconstruct.
By obtaining glimpses into their own identities in this way, students are provided the opportunity to observe their own superstitious race-thinking and to deconstruct it.
Overall, Hogue's wide-ranging analysis and its polyvalent character, like the broad range of texts and issues embraced, occasion new forms of cultural agency that deconstruct binary logic, that dislodge sedimentary forms of interpretation, and that dialogue with other scholars to reveal modes for understanding the richness of African American men's texts and their varying forms of signification.
This software allows students to participate in electronic note delivery and interactive two-way communication in the classroom, and then deconstruct and replay teachers' lessons later.
Preliminary studies by Falk show at least 200 of the 1,400 buildings are candidates for deconstruction, and another 900 have the potential to be deconstructed after the Army does a characterization survey to determine which are so contaminated that they need to be burned and which are clean enough to either demolish or deconstruct.
In the chapter that follows, Hawkes posits that Miltons divorce tracts work from an Aristotelian framework to deconstruct the position that the telos of marriage is reproduction, arguing instead that its natural telos is "spiritual 'conversation'" (180).
In other words, when you receive criticisms, deconstruct them, take out the substantive parts and use the pieces of information that you gain in building up the industry.
This book seeks to not only deconstruct and challenge, as Schussler Fiorenza states, the "male-stream" of biblical interpretation but to then also give a method of reading and interpreting biblical texts that is liberating not only for women but also for those marginalized throughout the world.