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Many writers have recognised the difficulties in decontextualising characteristics independently of the social constructs.
This change leads to an alteration of the knowledge, if only a decontextualising, and this in turn changes the discipline.
Similarly, although the sources all have different traditions and hence there is a danger of decontextualising different source genres by studying them all together, it is believed that the broader contextual and historical benefit for this study is greater than these few issues.
Such acts have--amongst other things--questioned the role of the gallery as a neutral space; as a space for purely aesthetic transactions; as a space apart from everyday life; and as a decontextualising chamber.
At this level, organisations and networ ks will be primarily involved in decontextualising local ideas, translating them into more general labels such as 'clusters' or 'interactive policy-making', and recontextualising them in the context of global flows of ideas, through conferences, consultancies, policy-makers, academics, books, etc.