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Thirdly, the methodology of quoting Qur'anic exegesis is marked with high selectivity and decontextualizing as these terrorist groups pick and choose from the views of classical scholars and exegetes without consideration for the historical contexts in which their views were formulated and with superficial application to a modern reality that is completely different.
Frampton gives each of his New York sites a linguistic equivalent, decontextualizing and ordering it as a letter of the alphabet.
Cultures with individualistic tendencies generally have analytic, decontextualizing cognitive orientations, while those with collectivistic tendencies have holistic, contextualizing cognitive orientations (Ji, Nisbett, & Peng, 2000).
For his part, Media Officer of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, Anwar Raja, said that the Palestinian Cause is suffering from attempts of decontextualizing and obliterating its historical and genuine essence throughout generations after over 65 years of sacrifices.
In these instances, children ground their claim by decontextualizing the talk from the here-and-now.
Decontextualizing the black Jamaican author through a queer lens might in fact help to explain McKay's sexually rebellious nature, and position McKay as a key figure in articulating an early twentieth-century queer sensibility.
73), as well as opaque abstraction exemplified by Russell's bare suggestion that a motif becomes emblematic "by the decontextualizing fragmentation that permits a recontextualizing" (p.
Simpson blames More's viciousness on the "punishing disciplines" of "distrustful literalism," describing it as a "virus" acquired through years of writing polemics in the impersonal, decontextualizing medium of print (260-61).
As such, they are particularly useful for introductory courses in which the context of the texts is being established or a graduate seminar in which the basic issues of Latin American Studies are being defined: such courses have become increasingly important, both for the insertion of students into particular academic and ideological frameworks and as an alternative to courses on "critical concepts" or "literary theory," which have always had the problem of decontextualizing Latin American culture and subsuming it under more important, "internationalist" perspectives (not that there isn't still a lot of this, in the way in which Latin American literature in translation is viewed by the popular press and used in English-language classrooms).
Antagonistic power relations between children and parents are, after all, also part of a specific discursive regime with similar decontextualizing and naturalizing aspects.
We "regard uncertainty (fate) / as potentially a purveyor of pain," then learn that pain has "enormous decontextualizing power.
On the whole, social historians are careful to avoid decontextualizing the life of the mind and culture from the larger structures of which they were a part.