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The Rent Law of 2015 made no change to the income levels associated with High Income Decontrol, currently $200,000 per year, but it does adjust the rent threshold to $2,700 plus rent guidelines increases.
KPN further added that the logical consequence will be to decontrol the Dutch broadband market.
He says moves to decontrol the industry that are under way will improve the performance of sugar companies in 2013.
The Rangarajan Committee has recommended phased decontrol of the highly regulated Rs.
The impending June 15 deadline for rent regulation to be renewed is threatening some 1 million New York City apartments as lawmakers, tenant advocates and landlords try to hammer out an agreement on income and monthly rent thresholds for decontrol.
And as we've made clear many times in these pages, that can most readily be done by massive, immediate decontrol of all energy pricing and the opening of federal lands to large-scale exploration and production.
Steps were put in place to decontrol natural gas in interstate markets.
Japan and Vietnam already struck a bilateral accord earlier this month on trade decontrol of industrial goods, one of the major hurdles in bilateral negotiations for Vietnam's accession to the WTO.
utilities for new electric generation, Gendreau says, The deregulation of natural gas, partially in 1978 and then completely with the Natural Gas Wellhead Decontrol Act of 1989, drove down the cost of natural gas.
He voted against rent regulation extension as an Assemblyman in 1989 and 1991; in 1993, as a State Senator, "he voted to extend the laws, but largely because they added luxury decontrol.
The decontrol may trigger long-term deterioration in the overall credit quality of the three rated utilities -- Tokyo Gas Co.
The United States, as part of its G7 commitment, agreed to decontrol domestic energy prices and thus reduce world demand for oil.