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She was lying on her side, tranquil above the smooth flow of time, again closely wrapped up in her fur, her head resting on the old-gold sofa cushion bearing like everything else in that room the decoratively enlaced letters of her monogram; her face a little pale now, with the crimson lobe of her ear under the tawny mist of her loose hair, the lips a little parted, and her glance of melted sapphire level and motionless, darkened by fatigue.
Philip duly sent the papers and the money, and in return received a calendar worth about a penny, on which was set down the appointed passage to be read each day, and a sheet of paper on one side of which was a picture of the Good Shepherd and a lamb, and on the other, decoratively framed in red lines, a short prayer which had to be said before beginning to read.
I learned how to choose between words after a study of their fitness, and though I often employed them decoratively and with no vital sense of their qualities, still in mere decoration they had to be chosen intelligently, and after some thought about their structure and meaning.
The building originally had keystones crowning the tall arches, Corinthian capitals atop the columns, and decoratively faceted quoins on the pier at the corner of Church St.
Its exterior is treated decoratively in polychrome brickwork, especially the main Cheapside elevation, which raises the building above the ordinary; this and its fireproof construction denotes it enjoyed some prestige.
The sign and message board must be easily readable in the sunlight, and be decoratively lit in order to be seen at night.
If you are using the lemon segments, lay them delicately and decoratively into the bottom of the mould.
Sometimes work involves packaging sweets and putting them decoratively on plates, according to demand.
Most couples would have been itching to open their cards and place them decoratively on the mantelpiece in the living room.
The entire nursing home has been decoratively reimagined in the spirit of the holiday season, so as to provide all the residents with an environment conducive to enjoying the holiday cheer.
When not being used for rescue purposes, they can be worn decoratively on the hand.