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In much of his later work there is a marked change from his earlier elaborate decorativeness to a style of vigorous strength.
The tile rims, which were given considerable attention, would add to the decorativeness of a stove.
The fascination of the show was seeing them together and wondering about the implications: skilfulness, imagination, sensuousness or exquisite decorativeness and, yet, are these not bleak visions?
Pre-Raphaelites took inspiration from late medieval painting and produced art that enriched realism with decorativeness and sophisticated colorism, while remaining within the Victorian moral themes.
Thus in a state-published book of 1936 which today would give cynical unchurched capitalists a good anti-'utopic' laugh there still reverberates something of the promised Kingdom of Justice where the figures of Kuzma PetrovVodkin (1878-1939) are said to offer 'a tendency to monumentalism, decorativeness, and stylization [read abstraction] which strengthens his art as a reflection of future life'; and in what would prove to be late Soviet art a certain cross motif stage design by Lev Nusberg (b.
Faulkner reviews the insights of earlier critics, who have discerned Pre-Raphaelite qualities in the intensity, decorativeness, and concern for pattern in Morris' work, to which Faulkner adds the influence of Ruskin and medieval revivalism.
The intensity that comes with Delaney's small scale was his hedge against the monotony and decorativeness that Greenberg saw as the risks of allover painting.
Architectural and decorative characteristics of trees, shrubs and climbing plants (exterior of plants, their size, structure of the trunk and branches, expressiveness of the crown form, decorativeness of leaves, thorns, blossoms, fruits and so on), longevity and rapidity of their growth are analysed in detail.
Their manic activity for activity's sake equates, as something equally futile, with the immobile decorativeness of the living mannequins in the studio.
Decorativeness manifests in eliminating the imperfections of visualisation (for example, hydrograph line work is approximated by splines, a position of letterings is adjusted manually, polygons made transparent etc.
Wallpaper is not just a simple wall decoration material; it can be used to beautify peoples' lives and reflect the owners' style because it adds practicability to the decorativeness, which makes the house look warmer and more environmental.
The main features for which they are noted are their colours, their decorativeness and their unique design.