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 (dĕk′ər-əs, dĭ-kôr′əs)
Characterized by or exhibiting decorum; proper: decorous behavior.

[From Latin decōrus, becoming, handsome, from decor, seemliness, beauty; see dek- in Indo-European roots.]

dec′o·rous·ly adv.
dec′o·rous·ness n.
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Adv.1.decorously - in a proper and decorous manner; "he pretended to be pleased and applauded decorously"
indecorously, unbecomingly - without decorousness
باحْتِشام، بِلَياقَه
terbiyeli bir şekilde


[ˈdekərəslɪ] ADVdecorosamente


adv behavegeziemend, schicklich; dressschicklich


[ˈdɛkərəslɪ] advdecorosamente


(ˈdekərəs) adjective
(behaving in a manner which is) acceptable, especially quiet and dignified. behaving in a decorous manner.
ˈdecorously adverb
decorum (diˈkoːrəm) noun
quiet, dignified and proper behaviour. The man behaved with decorum in the old lady's presence.
References in classic literature ?
The set in which they found themselves was composed of English, and Amy was compelled to walk decorously through a cotillion, feeling all the while as if she could dance the tarantella with relish.
In reply to her mother's command and entreaty that she would behave more decorously, little Pearl paused gather the prickly burrs from a tall burdock which grew beside the tomb.
I am witness that that ceremony is faithfully observed by both parties - and most gravely and decorously, too.
It was very gravely and decorously ordered, and on a sound system; with an appeal, in everything, to the honour and good faith of the boys, and an avowed intention to rely on their possession of those qualities unless they proved themselves unworthy of it, which worked wonders.
She was a sprightly young woman, very smart and merry and decorously voluptuous, and of that fascinating prettiness that wins the hearts of boys and storms the footlights.
Nay, my lord, craving your pardon, but we are accustomed to have grace before meat," said Robin decorously.
But there was the decorously grave, though unmoved physician, seeking only to mitigate the last pangs of the patient whom he could not save.
Astley, as usual, remained in the background, and gazed calmly and decorously at the scene.
The strange, rich flowers of Eden on her head; the complexion, so much deeper and more brilliant than those of our native beauties; the foreign, as it seemed, and fantastic garb, yet not too fantastic to be worn decorously in the street; the delicately-wrought embroidery of the skirt; the broad gold chain about her neck; the curious ring upon her finger; the fan, so exquisitely sculptured in open work, and painted to resemble pearl and ebony;--where could Drowne, in his sober walk of life, have beheld the vision here so matchlessly embodied
You are the only one," resumed Gringoire, "who has listened to the piece decorously.
Everything was done most decorously, to the considerable surprise of the intruders.
I can't do those things, you know; there 's no need of it, and I don't think they 'd cure my worrying," said Fanny, languidly feeding Ashputtel, who sat decorously beside her, at the table, winking at the cream pot.