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It was like dragging a hideous shape of death into the cleanly and cheerful space before a household fire, where it would present all the uglier aspect, amid the decorousness of everything about it.
With their ancient values of family honour, masculine courage and unflinching decorousness of behaviour, they were just as elemental as the physical landscape they inhabited.
Their decorousness in using this facility is admirable, but apparently the walls were unable to withstand the crush at a busy time
The arrangements all seem to have been thoroughly composed, but there is an airy sense of freedom in even the most difficult and complex passages; where it makes sense to swing, they do so convincingly (in particular on the joyful "Blue Rondo a la Turk," the gospel-inflected "'Forty Days" and the inevitable "Take Five"), but they are unapologetic about treating other pieces (notably the evanescently lovely "Bluette") with classically-inspired decorousness.
The painting's very particular austerity, formality, even decorousness born of sharply considered order, mesh strangely with the recreational scene of contemporary life.