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v. de·crep·i·tat·ed, de·crep·i·tat·ing, de·crep·i·tates
To roast or calcine (crystals or salts) until they emit a crackling sound or stop crackling.
To make a crackling sound when roasted.

[New Latin dēcrepitāre, dēcrepitāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin crepitāre, to crackle, frequentative of crepāre, to burst, crack.]

de·crep′i·ta′tion n.
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Noun1.decrepitation - the crackling or breaking up of certain crystals when they are heated
crackle, crepitation, crackling - the sharp sound of snapping noises
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Advanced sensing and mechanical separation techniques combined with innovative processes based on hydrogen decrepitation will recover the rare earth magnets in the WEEE.
It will be shown that this methodology is very effective for determining the main process responsible of their decrepitation.