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(Biology) bent or curved downwards: a decurved bill; decurved petals.



curved downward.
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Adj.1.decurved - bent down or curved downward; "the decurved bill of a curlew"
retrorse - bent or curved backward or downward; "leaves with retrorse barbs"
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Larger races of Dunlin also have a decurved bill, so it's worth a double-check if you think you've found one.
This specimen is referred to the Falconinae rather than Caracarinae in being stout and short in lateral or dorsal aspect, with a more decurved ramus, and in having an elongate processus mandibulae, small fenestra mandibulae, and prominent processus coronoideus.
Mouth hook (MH) sclerified, hook strong, sharp, irregularly decurved line, apex portion abruptly turned in ventral direction; three slightly dark, shared and decurved teeth (At) below the hook; mouth hook body with one small foramen; one small and strong mid-dorsal projection; two posterior projections, thicker dorsal one more elongated than the ventral projection.
The strongly decurved snout, subinferior mouth, and transverse anterior lower jaw dental arcade, are shared with Mazarunia, as is also a laminar expansion of epibranchial 1 associated with the pharyngobranchiad 2 arm (character 7 in Kullander 1998).
Using identification criteria in Pyle (1997), we eliminated the similar Vaux's swift (Chaetura vauxi) based on the decurved culmen, depth of bill of 2.
Nutcrackers also have evolved a long, sturdy and slightly decurved bill perfect for tearing into whitebark pine cones and prying out the seeds.