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1. Wholly committed to a particular course of thought or action; devoted: a dedicated musician.
2. Designed for a particular use or function: The fax machine is connected to a dedicated landline.

ded′i·cat′ed·ly (-kā′tĭd-lē) adv.


in a devoted or dedicated manner
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Meanwhile, inaugurating the Bio-Matric System at Prime Minister Secretariat Muzaffarabad, he urged the government servants to perform their duties dedicatedly and serve the masses with missionary zeal.
He appreciated Bahrain's support to a high number of Indian workers in Bahrain, who dedicatedly contributed to Bahrain's progress and development process.
He said there was no problem working dedicatedly to ensure that the BJP returned power in centre but warned that the RSS members must stay away from the " infectious political ambitions" that they could harbour in the proximity of power hungry politicians.
I think they would still want to see that fight because that's one they would get ready for and both of these guys work dedicatedly and committedly.
Shaikh Mohammed expressed his thanks and appreciation for the team work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by Shaikh Abdullah, who dedicatedly works for the interests of the nation and its citizens, implementing the UAE's foreign policies to the fullest extent, wishing them the best in achieving success at all levels.
Over the past 160 years, GSI has been dedicatedly collecting vast amounts of field and laboratory generated data.
Company's certified SEO professionals work dedicatedly to provide utmost level of services to help clients achieve their goal in a short duration of time.
I noticed that expatriates here are dedicatedly doing fasting and charity which are the two wings of the prayers," Bishop Zachariah Mar Theophilos, Metropolitan of Malabar Diocese in Kerala, said.
Ilet is the band's fire-crackling soloist, dedicatedly bringing along his flugelhorn alternative for what amounted to about a minute's usage.
dedicatedly focuses on telecom networking products for broadband access, is a leading supplier of broadband access equipment and offers its high quality, reliable and innovated products for valuable customers in information-communication technology industry, including GE-PON, HGW (Home GateWay), CDN (Content Delivery Network, STB), Wireless Broadband, PLC (Power Line Communication) and XDSL.
He was performing his duty dedicatedly and honestly.
EMP, a major electronic payments processing company in Africa and the Middle East, is working dedicatedly to provide region-wide services to GTBank, comprising Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Rwanda, Uganda and Gambia as well as Kenya.