deep-sea diver

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Noun1.deep-sea diver - a diver in the deeper parts of the seadeep-sea diver - a diver in the deeper parts of the sea
diver, frogman, underwater diver - someone who works underwater
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But fear not there are plenty for under a tenner, and I even found one for under a deep-sea diver.
The Mr Universe 1996 titleholder has followed a strict diet and fitness regime for the past 17 years - ever since he was forced to quit his job as a deep-sea diver when his ear drum was shattered by the noise from an Iraqi Exocet missile.
When Mr Feeney, a professional deep-sea diver and chief executive of the company, learned that two of the winners, David Leibowitz and Kimberley Miller from New York, were engaged to be married, he came up with the unique wedding idea.
She added her husband was a surfer, a deep-sea diver and a mountaineer.
He worked as a deep-sea diver, before moving to the family firm and later IT, where his clients included Tony Blair.
If not, the depressing lack of firepower will give Everton more descents to the depths than a deep-sea diver.
Mr Feeney, a professional deep-sea diver who has worked on the North Sea gas pipelines, and Mr Stephens, a former Coventry City footballer and Nuneaton Borough manager, have joined forces with Coventry entrepreneur Gary Allsopp to set up a business website, www.
Gooding, who plays Master Chief Brashear in the film, the honor of being the Navy's first-ever-honorary deep-sea diver.
Ironically Finch's brother is a deep-sea diver and the title holder won't have any problem taking a dip in the Irish Sea with the tournament in Baltray this week if it meant " It would be worth it," the 31- old smiled.
The deep-sea diver hated being confined in the cramped space for weeks at a time.
A BRITISH deep-sea diver murdered in the Persian Gulf was a heroin abuser who owed money, an inquest heard yesterday.
Includes 7 mini-figures: 2 crew members, 4 scuba divers and a deep-sea diver.