deer hunt

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Noun1.deer hunt - hunting deerdeer hunt - hunting deer        
hunting, hunt - the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
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By the time I was eleven he was taking me on my first deer hunts.
Here we have Monica Fitterer (in her pick-up) near Wing, ND on her first deer hunt.
With only limited space here, I'll outline some of the major points in planning a Western mule deer hunt.
Nothing could spoil a deer hunt more than a hunting accident or accidental shooting.
Photographer Travis Dewitz provides readers with a photographic essay that seeks to convey the excitement, the experience of Wisconsin's largest annual sporting event, the deer hunt.
For the past 16 years, the chapter has participated in a deer hunt at the Caledon National Area, located in King George County, Va.
The child's father provided information regarding the deer hunt and venison processing.
They decided to find out by giving 25 men portable heart monitors to wear during a deer hunt.
Following a recent incident in which a hunter accidentally shot himself in the foot with a muzzleloader before starting to deer hunt, Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police and the Delaware Hunter Education Program remind hunters to observe safe gun handling and hunting practices before, during and after they have gone afield in pursuit of game animals.
For example, as is true in many other states, my home state of Michigan annually holds a 2-day youth deer hunt, during which kids are given first crack at whitetails before archery season.
They may not go on the high-dollar elk hunts out West or on a hunt in Alaska, but they will find the money for an outfitted deer hunt, especially in Kansas or some other state known for big deer.
In our on-going process of celebrating kids who hunt and the parents who take them, we offer Kevin Griffith, age 13 at the time of last year's deer hunt.