deer hunter

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Noun1.deer hunter - hunter of deerdeer hunter - hunter of deer      
hunter, huntsman - someone who hunts game
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Snavely manages and hunts on properties that in no way mirror what 99 percent of deer hunters deal with.
The first stage of land management generally starts when an avid deer hunter decides to plant a small food plot.
Cimino had his directorial breakthrough with his second film, The Deer Hunter, in 1978, the story of the Vietnam War's effect on a small steel-working town in Pennsylvania.
Big Whitetail Dreams is an organization focused on developing premium products for the dedicated deer hunter.
Glu Mobile Inc (NASDAQ:GLUU) stated on Friday that its first title Deer Hunter VR that was developed exclusively for Oculus, will be initially available on the Samsung Gear VR and will be powered by Oculus.
9 billion on trips and equipment alone in 2005, the last time the USFWS examined deer hunter demographics and spending patterns.
But for a new deer hunter reading Shots at Whitetails, Chapter Nine could be the most important.
Social games publisher Glu Mobile Inc (Nasdaq:GLUU) announced on Tuesday that Deer Hunter Challenge has surpassed 2m downloads in its first 20 days on the Apple App Store.
Both the book and The Deer Hunter Blu-Ray special are available in stores now.
The scenes from the Deer Hunter are said to have inspired scores of deaths among young men - both suicides and foolish gambles born out of bravado.
Swanson who was himself a deer hunter sa id that "there were over 100,000 deer hunters in the state of Michigan .
Deer Avenger, a spoof of the popular game Deer Hunter, retails for about $20 and involves a gun-toting deer seeking revenge on humans.