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Noun1.deer trail - a trail worn by the passage of deerdeer trail - a trail worn by the passage of deer
trail - a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
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With the 34 houses from Karen's Corner and another 26 approved for Swanson Development's Deer Trail subdivision just to the north, that means Long Grove is about to get 60 new homes.
While hunting Illinois several years ago with my friend Scott McIlvoy, we located a heavily used deer trail that snaked through a chunk of thick brush.
an Arvada, Colorado-based environmental contractor, recently submitted plans to truck the contaminated flue dust to a hazardous waste landfill in Deer Trail, Colorado.
Western Pacific Resources Corporation (WRP - TSXV), a company focused on developing the polymetallic Deer Trail Mine in Piute County, Utah, has granted incentive stock options.
The Red Deer Trail (Auf der Fahrte des Rothirsches) is a 70-mile circuit starting and ending in Freudenstadt and traversing a glorious variety of landscapes from thick woodland to mountain meadows, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.
After scenting some of the missing man's belongings, K9 Nitro led ECO Armstrong across his lawn and down a deer trail.
He lives in the small rural community of Deer Trail, sixty miles east of Denver.
With a screened tent as their guest house and a deer trail their path to the lakeshore, the Rices take everything with them when they depart each fall.
Work is ongoing on a scenic trail, called the Deer Trail, which will connect Elliot Lake to Mississagi Provincial Park and Iron Bridge.
In 1976, Bijou Telephone Co-op acquired the Deer Trail exchange.
On open ground that doesn't show our tracks, it's far too easy to forget where we've been or to simply follow a deer trail out of a good area, thus increasing the likelihood of leaving a large section of cover unchecked.
Final approval recently was granted to Lake Forest-based Swanson Development, which will construct the 26 clustered homes on 38 acres for the Deer Trail subdivision, Village Manager David Lothspeich said.