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tr.v. de·faced, de·fac·ing, de·fac·es
1. To mar or spoil the appearance or surface of; disfigure.
2. To impair the usefulness, value, or influence of.
3. Obsolete To obliterate; destroy.

[Middle English defacen, from Old French desfacier : des-, de- + face, face; see face.]

de·face′a·ble adj.
de·face′ment n.
de·fac′er n.
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Noun1.defacement - the act of damaging the appearance or surface of something; "the defacement of an Italian mosaic during the Turkish invasion"; "he objected to the dam's massive disfigurement of the landscape"
scathe, damage, harm, hurt - the act of damaging something or someone


n. deformación; deterioro; mutilación.
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The Teros Gateway is a robust, multi-function appliance that includes the industry leading Web application firewall, multi-level cloaking and proxy, SSL acceleration and key management, defacement prevention and identity theft protection.
Carstensen's works--like Painting (Fucked Up), Defacement, 1993, Territorial Pissing No.
Currently, the defacement pages have been removed and the websites appear to be working properly.
None have claimed responsibility for the defacement of the domains, but according to most bloggers, the hackers left a message in Turkish on the Google page.
The government on Tuesday directed the Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD) to step up efforts to ensure that the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act is enforced properly.
The most common form of attack was web site defacement, reported by 70% of organisations in 2001.
de defacement archive, defacements peaked in May 2001 when almost 3,500 Web sites were reported to have been compromised and altered by 472 individual attackers.
IT managers are now realizing that business applications are not secured by firewalls and other traditional security solutions, leaving them vulnerable to manipulation and defacement.
Although the Graffiti Abatement Program was created in 1988, the number of graffiti tags - the term used to describe the defacement of public and private property - continued to rise until 1993, when it peaked at 4,038.
com's server for a targeted defacement to avenge defence.
A total number of 31, 93, 177 and 32 cyber incidents pertaining to website defacement, website compromise and malware propagation have been reported during 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 ( till January 31), respectively in various government offices.