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tr.v. de·fat·ted, de·fat·ting, de·fats
To remove fat from: had to defat the chicken stock.


vb (tr)
to remove the fat from (a substance)


v.t. -fat•ted, -fat•ting.
to remove the fat from.
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Verb1.defat - remove the fat from
get rid of, remove - dispose of; "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"
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The crude corn oil is then routed to storage for use as a raw material for biodiesel production and the now defatted whole stillage is returned to the drying stage of the ethanol production process where it is efficiently dried into defatted DDG.
The protein content of the defatted meal was higher than the value (27.
New processes and value-added products under development include: efficient, environmentally friendly processes that could be used to extract protein from full-fat and defatted rice bran for use in infant formulations, nutritional supplements and food ingredients; rice wax, bran and hull fractions with desirable functional and health-beneficial properties, such as cholesterol-lowering anti-oxidative properties; and gluten-free rice and rice-sweet potato products that are antioxidant-rich and cholesterol-lowering and which also have low oil-uptake properties.
Two grammes of the defatted flour were weighed into eight different beakers in order to have enough yields for subsequent analysis.
Scientists at the University of Manitoba looked into the fortification of corn tortillas with soybean presscake and defatted soy flour.
Products reformulated to be low-fat and fat-free seemed to have the opposite effect on their consumers, partly because such products piled in more carbs to make the defatted products palatable.
A total of three energy ingredients (maize, sorghum and defatted maize germ meal) and four protein concentrate ingredients (soybean meal, maize gluten meal 60% crude protein [CP], integral micronized soy and roasted whole soybean) were simultaneously obtained from different commercial establishments based on the availability in Brazil and chemical variation between the feedstuffs.
Contract award: sausages, fresh sausages and cooked ham higher defatted pork rind.
Witnesses of this expertise are: The seductive coloured 'Red Cameroon' cocoa powder and the versatile defatted cocoa powder.
In a randomized-controlled trial, the researchers gave 15 participants with elevated blood cholesterol one of four treatments-either 85 grams of whole walnuts, 6 grams of skin, 34 grams of defatted nutmeat, or 51 grams of oil.
0 cm) during the four-year agro-utilization of the defatted raw and physico-chemically pretreated mixed wastewaters from oleo-chemical production.