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tr.v. de·fat·ted, de·fat·ting, de·fats
To remove fat from: had to defat the chicken stock.


vb (tr)
to remove the fat from (a substance)


v.t. -fat•ted, -fat•ting.
to remove the fat from.
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Verb1.defat - remove the fat from
get rid of, remove - dispose of; "Get rid of these old shoes!"; "The company got rid of all the dead wood"
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This means that applications such as defatting hams, pork loins and strips are no longer so challenging, taking advantage of higher speed and higher torque.
Among them are turkey thigh and skin defatting, snout cartilage and snout meat removal, and beef neck bone trimming.
Fractionation involved defatting the flour by using dichloromethane, forming a dough and isolating gluten by washing the dough with distilled water in a glutomatic unit at 15 C.
The newly introduced 1000 Family models are designed for many important and diverse trimming applications, from defatting hams, briskets, loins and strips, to facing bellies, trimming jowls, pork skin patching, and salmon slicing.
Bettcher's new serrated blades are particularly effective for difficult trimming operations such as defatting beef strips and Monday morning hams.
Among the most effective of these applications are defatting beef strips and rounds, where the precise trimming action of the tool's large circular blade improves yields, product appearance and product margins--thereby increasing bottom-line profitability.
Bernard recommends, when necessary, defatting this area to give it better definition.
S that far in advance, use a gravy strainer to remove the excess fat or place it in the freezer for a short time to expedite defatting it.
Applications include defatting beef strips and rounds, ham and pork loin defatting, facing bellies, trimming jowls, pork skin patching, and salmon slicing.
The use of hair and skin cleansers causes defatting and dehydration of the skin, a situation evidenced by dry and increasingly rough skin.
Even with defatting, there still remains a portion that will undergo oxidation.
Moreover, the researchers have found that defatting -- a common process for extracting oil from rice bran and other foods -- may double rice bran's cholesterol-reducing efficiency.