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Contreras entered a default judgment after an April 2014 evidentiary hearing that included past court findings that both governments gave financial, logistical and other support to al-Qaeda in the 1990s.
A trial date has now been set for March 20 and if the musician fails to turn up, journalist Liza could win a default judgment and a sizable settlement.
A new report claims Lamar cannot be located, and soon Khloe may opt filing for a default judgment if she is still unable to get in touch with her estranged husband.
A three-justice panel in an order dated Thursday rejected arguments by Francis that a default judgment granted by a Clark County judge in 2012 should be set aside because his attorneys had withdrawn and he was unable to defend himself.
was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and is brought on behalf of all credit card borrowers in the United States who have been sued by or on behalf of Chase to collect on a credit card debt and had the court enter a default judgment based on a robosigned affidavit submitted by Chase.
No answer was filed in response to the complaint and Pagel eventually was granted a default judgment in the amount of $334,310.
6(h) service was made, a default judgment may not be entered by the clerk on behalf of the plaintiff.
A Sikh rights group had sought a default judgment against the party for its failure to defend charges of conspiracy and organising the riots.
the Federal Circuit ruled that the defendant was liable for an $8 million default judgment in a patent infringement case against its two predecessor companies.
Failure to do both can expose the agent or broker to litigation by the insured if, because of the delay, a default judgment is entered against the insured and the insured is denied the right to defend itself to the allegations of the complaint.
The builder obtained a default judgment in Melbourne Magistrates' Court in January, followed last month by a bankruptcy notice, which was served on Shane's wife Simone.
When Government's multi million dollar case against Dipcon proceeds to trial, the implications are significant because Government could wipe out the damages which Dipcon obtained years ago when it got a default judgment against the Government of Grenada, according to one source.