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1. A rendering void; an annulment.
a. The voiding of a contract or deed.
b. A clause within a contract or deed providing for annulment.

[Middle English defesaunce, from Anglo-Norman, from Old French defesance, from defesant, present participle of desfaire, to destroy; see defeat.]


1. (Law) the act or process of rendering null and void; annulment
2. (Law)
a. a condition, the fulfilment of which renders a deed void
b. the document containing such a condition
[C14: from Old French, from desfaire to defeat]


(dɪˈfi zəns)

1. a condition rendering a deed or other instrument void.
2. a document stipulating such a condition.
[1400–50; Old French defesance <desfes- (past participle s. of desfaire to undo; see defeat)]
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Commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) defeasance volume significantly increased over the past 18 months, jumping from $3.
AST Defeasance Closes One Of The Largest Transactions Of The Last 7 Years
When the amortization had started to take effect on the loans, the borrower decided to pay the defeasance penalty and obtain a full-term seven-year interest-only loan with Beech Street.
Many conduit loans made in the '90s are now subject to defeasance as the only method to unlock equity in real estate property.
In the case of the loan from BK1, X's economic risk is completely eliminated through the defeasance arrangement.
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued an exposure draft specifying how state and local governments should account for current refundings or advance refundings that result in defeasance of debt reported in proprietary funds.
Defease With Ease[R] facilitated a $66 million defeasance transaction that helped TMI Hospitality close a $93 million refinancing of 22 hospitality properties
June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Chatham Financial announced today that it advised Primus Capital in the defeasance of $76.
A unique aspect of this defeasance was the use of Agency for International Development (AID) bonds that saved The Groves $100,000 on the cost of the defeasance compared to a portfolio of traditional agency bonds, such as Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac securities.
At that time, Capmark Finance provided a forward rate lock, which enabled the borrower to take advantage of January's lower interest-rate environment when the loan became eligible for defeasance in August, according to Crimmins.
Flawless execution results in successful multi-property defeasance for Hometown America Corp
9 million defeasance for Wilkinson Real Estate Partners who refinanced three Greenville, South Carolina properties for $23,000,000.