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1. Having or showing a defect; faulty: a defective appliance.
2. Grammar Lacking one or more of the inflected forms normal for a particular category of word, as the verb may in English.
n. Offensive
One who has a physical or mental disability.

de·fec′tive·ly adv.
de·fec′tive·ness n.
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Noun1.defectiveness - the state of being defective
imperfection, imperfectness - the state or an instance of being imperfect
bugginess - the state of having bugs
lameness - an imperfection or defectiveness; "a stylist noted for the lameness of his plots"
sickness - defectiveness or unsoundness; "drugs have become a sickness they cannot cure"; "a great sickness of his judgment"
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The queen, giving great allowance for my defectiveness in speaking, was, however, surprised at so much wit and good sense in so diminutive an animal.
It will understand the role of structural deformations in determining the defectiveness of perovskites and its link to the optoelectronic materials properties.
On account of defectiveness, the team got 812,889 units.
A significant difference in the dynamics of defectiveness changes during these periods indicates that in the technological cycle it is necessary to distinguish the periods of run-in (increased but rapidly decreasing insulation defects at the beginning of the cycle) and normal insulation (insulation defect is stable).
C]onsumer expectations do not constitute an independent standard for judging the defectiveness of product designs.
The National Mental Health Policy Framework and Strategic Plan 2013-2020 contains a wonderful picture of what our mental health services could look like, and yet, in the province I work in, I am desperately worried that not only are we nowhere near implementing this plan, we are in fact regressing evermore into a state of defectiveness.
Besides Wilde's other works and those written about Wilde, Asaf is also informed about the translations of the ballad in languages other than Turkish; for example, he is aware of the defectiveness of the French version which was harshly criticized by Wilde on the grounds that the translator (1) misunderstood most of the idioms, (2) took words at face value and (3) failed to reflect the prison jargon accurately ("Balladin Oykusu" 195).
12) Alabama is a jurisdiction that retains the "persistent" consumer-expectations doctrine for design defectiveness.
The deficit of financial resources and drivers' bad behaviour are fabricated claims by the government, in order to defend its defectiveness in this matter.
The court should not, however, instruct on risk/benefit as both a test of defectiveness under 403.
Logic dictates that if risk/benefit is an affirmative defense, it cannot also be a test of defectiveness.
In this concept, our study made able for us to have significant data about removal of defectiveness in this issue, contribution to our country's football and football referee's job.