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Noun1.defence force - an organization of defenders that provides resistance against attackdefence force - an organization of defenders that provides resistance against attack; "he joined the defense against invasion"
organization, organisation - a group of people who work together
bastion - a group that defends a principle; "a bastion against corruption"; "the last bastion of communism"
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Captain Tellis Bethel, the Commander Defence Force (Acting), commended the Commanding Officer and the brave men and women of HMBS Madeira for their courageous efforts in helping to tackle a vexing problem that has threatened the livelihood of many Bahamians.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, and His Excellency the Chief of Staff of the Bahrain Defence Force, Major General Shaikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa, along with a number of senior Bahrain Defence Force officers.
A randomly selected member of the Permanent Defence Force may be required at any time to provide a urine sample which will be tested.
One element will provide personnel who will integrate with the full-time Defence Force units to bring them up to full operational strength in a contingency situation.
The Bushmaster was originally developed by ADI, in conjunction with the Australian Defence Force.
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is pleased to announce that the first of 49 PC-21 aircraft destined for the Australian Defence Force has successfully completed its initial production test flight at the factory in Stans, Switzerland.
She added: "Enhanced systems for offering candidates feedback after interview are being explored and, on a more specific note, Defence Force members now have a right to view information contained on their personal files, which was not formerly the case.
Recently defeating larger foreign competitors to win a strategically important defense logistics contract with the Australian Defence Force, Mincom is developing the world's first fully deployable, fully integrated, tri-services military logistics solution.
The Spanish Wells community was pleasantly surprised with a visit by Captain Tellis Bethel, Commander Defence Force (Acting) and senior members of his Operations Command Team--Lieutenant Commanders Clarence Dean (Commander Operations) and Whitfield Neely (Squadron Commanding Officer).
At least two reserve Defence Force members based in Dublin are under investigation.
Department of Defense, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, NATO, Denmark Ministry of Defense and Australia Defence Force," said the Army IDF officer and Head of Technology branch, responsible for new Logistics technologies.
No Defence Force personnel were injured during the exchange.

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