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(dɪˈfɜr mənt)

1. the act of deferring; postponement.
2. a temporary exemption from induction into military service.
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Noun1.deferral - a state of abeyance or suspended businessdeferral - a state of abeyance or suspended business
abeyance, suspension - temporary cessation or suspension
2.deferral - act of putting off to a future time
delay, holdup - the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time
adjournment - the act of postponing to another time or place


The act of putting off or the condition of being put off:
تأجيل الخِدْمه العَسْكَرِيَّهتَأْجيل، إرْجاء دَعْوى


[dɪˈfɜːrəl] n [payment] → report m


(diˈfə) past tense, past participle deˈferred verb
(with to) to act according to the wishes or opinions of another or the orders of authority. I defer to your greater knowledge of the matter.
deference (ˈdefərəns) noun
1. willingness to consider the wishes etc of others. He always treats his mother with deference.
2. the act of deferring.
in deference to
showing respct for. I let him speak first, in deference to his authority.
deˈferment, deˈferral noun
1. delaying; postponement.
2. officially sanctioned postponement of compulsory military service. draft deferment for college students.
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Objective: To determine the demographic features and causes of donor deferral in blood donors.
Objective: To analyse the rates and reasons for donor deferral at a blood bank in Saudi Arabia.
The definition of Testing Date for the Leverage Ratio calculation used in the determination of Mandatory deferral of Interest Payments (clause 3.
Unlike with an exemption, property taxes in a deferral situation continue to accrue along with interest (but cannot be foreclosed upon).
Deferral leads to loss of precious blood/components available for transfusion.
From February 4, we will have a 28 day blood donation deferral for people looking to donate blood in England and North Wales who have travelled to countries where the Zika virus is endemic.
To remove this impediment, the IRS recently issued Revenue Procedure 2015-28, which amends EPCRS to make it easier to fix deferral errors.
For preventing this, we should be having knowledge of causes of deferral and their frequency.
Over the past several years, in collaboration with other government agencies, the FDA has carefully examined and considered the available scientific evidence relevant to its blood donor deferral policy for men who have sex with men, including the results of several recently completed scientific studies and recent epidemiologic data.
Twenty-eight percent of responding readers said they plan to up their salary deferrals on their own, while 1% indicated that their plans do so for them by utilizing an automatic deferral increase feature.
This study was conducted with the objective to determine and categorize the deferral of potential blood donors.
The bondholders, says Global, confirmed and approved deferral of the 10 June 2012 maturity of the 2012 Bonds to and including 10 December 2012; confirmed and approved the deferral of payment of interest amounts under 2012 Bonds and 2013 Bonds to and including 10 December 2012; and confirmed and approved the waivers sought from the bank lenders on the deferral of the principal instalment maturity and interest and profits payments to and including 10 December 2012, and the deferral of an increase in margins by the bank lenders to and including 10 December 2012.