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a. A statement of the meaning of a word, phrase, or term, as in a dictionary entry.
b. A statement or description of the fundamental character or scope of something: "[The panel] calls for a clearer definition of the status of people captured in American military operations" (Economist).
2. The act or process of stating a precise meaning or significance; formulation of a meaning: The definition of terms is essential to any successful scholarly study.
3. The state of being clearly outlined: "With the drizzle, the trees in the little clearing had lost definition" (Anthony Hyde).
4. The level of detail in a recording, production, or digital encoding of an image or sound.

[Middle English diffinicioun, from Old French definition, from Latin dēfīnītiō, dēfīnītiōn-, from dēfīnītus, past participle of dēfīnīre, to define; see define.]

def′i·ni′tion·al adj.
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His main themes are definitional and conceptual issues in social skills assessment and intervention, assessment strategies, multi-tiered social-emotional interventions, and social-emotional assessment and intervention strategies for specific populations.
Rajib, however, expects it is unlikely that the SEC will get into this level of definitional regulation, particularly because the SEC has previously examined in-depth the payment of sub-TA fees.
The beginning of the ontology Crivelli offers, in order to account for how something can be and not be, is found in his distinction between definitional and ordinary readings (Chapter four).
Dr Najma Najam, Vice Chancellor Karakorum International University, Gilgit, in her video presentation in "Defining Civic Responsibility" highlighted the definitional aspect of civic paradigm based on her experience in professional life and empowerment of youth and women and suggested a paradigm shift in attitudes and behaviour in building a healthy a civic society.
To start, the discussion is plagued with definitional issues.
First among their objectives was to create a shared framework for understanding the definitional elements of "college, career, and citizenship readiness" (CCCR) that will serve as a compass for state-to-local actions.
Clearly presented and with numerous examples, the author addresses a range of topics, including prelicensing steps and considerations, definitional consideration, strategizing IP grant approaches, hybrid licensing, ancillary matter, royalty and royalty assignments, infringement and misappropriation, license secrecy provisions, most favored license provisions, and license length and termination.
Table 3 shows the official statistics published by each country, the statistics on a common basis (after definitional and methodological adjustments), the reconciled statistics (after statistical adjustments), and the total adjustment for each major current-account component.
The agency made some definitional changes, which, depending on a company's operations, could be significant .
In March 2009, the Obama Administration announced a new definitional standard for the government's authority to detain terrorist suspects, which does not use the phrase "enemy combatant" to refer to persons who may be properly detained.
Others discuss issues concerning concept definition and data building, including varied definitions of armed conflict, the definitional problems in building a database on hostage-barricade terrorism and abductions, and the influence of temporal considerations in finding definitional clarity in the development of conflict prevention indicators.
Given its subject matter, the volume turns the editorial vice of not insisting on definitional and analytical congruity across the chapters into the virtue of allowing the reader to encounter a compelling range of "voices.