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1. Serving to define or identify as distinct from others: "The Enlightenment pushed this project further trying to make science and its hallmark method definitive of the rational life" (Peter Machamer).
2. Supplying or being a final settlement or decision; conclusive: "The fall of the city Constantine had founded marked the definitive end of the Christian Eastern Empire" (James Carroll). See Synonyms at decisive.
3. Authoritative and complete: a definitive biography. See Usage Note at definite.
4. Mass produced in indefinite quantities over an indefinite period of time. Used of postage stamps.
5. Biology Fully formed or developed, as an organ or structure.
1. Grammar A word that defines or limits, such as the definite article or a demonstrative pronoun.
2. A definitive postage stamp.

de·fin′i·tive·ly adv.
de·fin′i·tive·ness n.
References in classic literature ?
At length I would be avenged; this was a point definitely settled--but the very definitiveness with which it was resolved, precluded the idea of risk.
Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry; music, without the idea, is simply music; the idea, wi thout the music, is prose, from its very definitiveness.
Into this definitiveness (of death) the Son descends .
The components of extroversion in this pattern are as: amiability, sociability, definitiveness, excitability, and positive emotions.
1) The nature of the response that Catholics are obliged to give to such authoritative teaching depends on the definitiveness with which the doctrine has been taught.
Although EBP practices, especially experiments, generally provide more definitive answers than, say, focus groups or descriptive statistics, it does not follow that definitiveness is what policymakers find most useful.
As Herzman writes, "The definitiveness of this statement, from such an eminent critic, makes holding the opposite opinion sound fearfully subversive" (54).
Thus even in its definitiveness, the work will continue to demonstrate its value by pointing us to new directions of study concerning the interplay among the myriad Jewish subcommunities and the varieties of Jewish expression.
Despite the definitiveness of these studies, as well as other conclusive studies coming to the same finding, no colleges or professional publications or news media would cover the findings, or take them into account in the college admissions process.
Such awareness must not be allowed to lead to false attitudes of definitiveness of the knowledge of God's relational encounter with humanity in general.
The only exception is Brain Peterson, author of Burning Fight, In his introduction he makes no grand proclamations of objectivity or definitiveness.
the fostering of critical thinking and alternative perspective taking, they must examine peer feedback with caution, since peer feedback by definition differs from professional or teacher feedback in terms of its quality, authority and definitiveness.