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intr. & tr.v. de·flect·ed, de·flect·ing, de·flects
To turn aside or cause to turn aside; bend or deviate.

[Latin dēflectere : dē-, de- + flectere, to bend.]

de·flect′a·ble adj.
de·flec′tive adj.
de·flec′tor n.


able to be deflected
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TSX:CYT), the global leader in cryotherapy products to treat cardiovascular disease, today announced that it has received the CE Mark regulatory approval for 3 key products: Arctic Front, a catheter designed for the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation (AF), a new generation console designed to work with the Arctic Front catheter and the FlexCath deflectable sheath.
E P Femoral introducer sheaths E P Transseptal Needles Diagnostic E P catheters, Quadpolar & Decapolar, deflectable and fixed E P Ablation catheters and accessories E P Navigation accessories Pacing and Connector Cables Mapping catheters and accessories Internal cardiovision catheters The facility to respond to this notice via a web site has not been activated.
The recent developments of small-calibre semi-rigid and flexible deflectable ureteroscopes and of diminutive intracorporeal lithotripsy probes have made retrograde access to urinary calculi throughout the entire ureter more feasible and less risky.
World's Only Autoclavable 5mm HD Deflectable Videolaparoscope Advances Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
Its underground joints are deflectable, allowing routing with minimal fittings; it can be cut to size in the field and is easily tapped.
This unique deflectable implant tool was used to place two MyoPore(R) sutureless bipolar epicardial leads, also manufactured by Enpath, on the left ventricle of a patient in completing the left ventricular lead segment of her cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) system.
Mapping and ablation were performed with a 7 Fr deflectable catheter with a 4-mm tip electrode (Ablatr or Marinr, Medtronic).
Given the current pool of about 100 known ECAs with diameters as large as 1 kilometer, statistics suggest that only about one a century will pass close enough to be deflectable into the Earth.
The catheter is front-cutting and has a unique deflectable tip engineered to treat a range of blood vessel sizes with a single insertion of one, single-use device.
The Visera Elite features a 5-millimeter high definition (HD) deflectable videolaparoscope called the Endoeye Fie 5.
V-CAS Deflect[TM] catheter advancement system is a more advanced device that includes an integrated robotic deflectable sheath.
5 French actively deflectable, flexible ureteroscope: a new device for both diagnostic and therapeutic upper urinary tract endoscopy.