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intr. & tr.v. de·flect·ed, de·flect·ing, de·flects
To turn aside or cause to turn aside; bend or deviate.

[Latin dēflectere : dē-, de- + flectere, to bend.]

de·flect′a·ble adj.
de·flec′tive adj.
de·flec′tor n.
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Adj.1.deflective - capable of changing the direction (of a light or sound wave)
crooked - having or marked by bends or angles; not straight or aligned; "crooked country roads"; "crooked teeth"


adjablenkend; (Phys) → beugend
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Other forms of mitigation to reduce the momentum and subsequent cloud distance from a jetting and flashing release can be pipe-rack barriers, installing piping in trenches, or the use of shrouds or other deflective objects.
Description: Plan, design and construct structural BMPs (best management practices), including catch basin in-line filters, continuous deflective separation processes, and other devices to reduce pollutant discharge, for three storm drains that outlet either directly or indirectly to the Ala Wai Canal.
When Gillian poses for Hubert, everything she does seems artificial and staged; her entire way of being is deflective.
Generally speaking, It Becomes You is traceable to the chatty and amiable yet highly deflective style whose elder statesman is Dean Young--a style that originated with the famous first trio of the New York School (John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Frank O'Hara), and which has since been christened with variations on the "second-generation" theme.
Evan's response to this was that he was used to being a "single parent" and then what Mary had come to see as his deflective humor said, "I just don't want anyone to think I am just searching for someone to raise my kids.
The towering centre-back used selective memory as a deflective tactic when trying to steer the talk away from personal disappointments.
Chretien himself grew up only knowing French -- it was only when he met his future wife Aline and she tutored him in English, that he learnt the majority tongue -- even if he did mangle it badly and purposely so for deflective and political effect.
A: opposite view, By and B2: deflective views), and 69 photos were gathered.
It can then be a formidable, constructive, and deflective partner, offering technical assistance, guarantees, and any base capital needed to recapitalize core banking institutions, and allow risk and equity holders to take hits for well-deserved losses.
A person, as I see it, is in progress, reflective and deflective of, and constructed from, his experiences and the experiences of others.
Thus this pulse straightened Premium plus wires can effectively overcome the deflective forces from mastication and can resist deformation in the oral cavity.
Through the use of deflective efforts and strengthening the community at the front end of the system to reduce entries, along with the County's Native Unit working closely to assist children, families, and tribes to achieve permanence for the children, efforts have shown progress in Woodbury County.