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But the previously long-standing presence of the rebel guerrilla group in many rural parts of the country appears to have had one constructive ecological impact: significantly limiting deforestation, particularly in provinces in and around the delicate Amazon region, such as Caqueta and Meta.
This article draws attention to the problem of deforestation and systematically identifying its root causes, by incorporating the point of view of all stakeholders, forestry sector experts and policy makers from the Federal, provincial and local level.
ABSTRACT: A study was carried out on the deforestation awareness among the community living nearest to Sungai Pulai mangrove forest under mukim (sub-district) Tanjung Kupang in Johor Bahru, Peninsular Malaysia.
deforestation caused by growing urban consumption is contributing to massive emissions globally, despite increasing sustainability efforts locally.
Worldwide, deforestation accounts for up to 15 percent of carbon emissions, second in carbon production only to the burning of fossil fuels.
Orbital Insight's algorithms will be used as part of Global Forest Watch to detect patterns that indicate the risk of deforestation before it happens.
If you are living in Islamabad then you would have noticed deforestation on the Margalla Hills.
In September, the agricultural behemoth Cargill committed to zero deforestation across all of its products, including cattle, sugar, soy, and cocoa.
Summary: Agriculture Minister Akram Chehayeb said Wednesday that he has taken measures against deforestation in Zalka and Barouk.
Deforestation, a word conveniently used 10 times in the article, should be accurately defined in the context that Sund quist was writing.
Now there's an online tool to track the rapid deforestation taking place across the globe.