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tr.v. de·fragged, de·frag·ing, de·frags Informal
To defragment.

de·frag′ger n.


vb, -frags, -fragging or -fragged
(Electronics) to consolidate fragmented files and folders on (the hard drive of a computer or other electronic device) in order to make it run more efficiently
[short for defragment]
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About ApexSQL Defrag: ApexSQL Defrag is an enterprise SQL Server tool used for analyzing, monitoring and managing SQL Server index fragmentation.
We also turned off the auto defrag function and used the computer for several weeks without defragging.
The latest version of Defrag Manager continues to deliver unmatched manageability while ensuring that the product will maintain its value as enterprise computing requirements change in the future.
In addition to Advanced System Optimizer, the company also offers: Memory Zipper Plus, an application that defrags RAM, repairs memory leaks, and frees memory; Boost XP, a utility to tweak your Windows registry, clean your hard drive, erase your tracks, and change your wallpaper;
If you don't get the defrag results you need, or you want an automated, powerful solution, I recommend Diskeeper 7.
Para el Defrag de Windows 98, por ejemplo, el defragmentar un disco duro de 60GB es una tarea que durara alrededor de 5 horas.
My only complaint about DEFRAG is that you can't save the options that you select each time; thus, you must reenter them each time you run the utility.
For more information on Defrag 2012, please visit http://www.
Even though the defragmenter can be used on traditional keyboard and mouse PCs, Disk Defrag Touch is fully touch-enabled and SSD-compatible, which makes it a disk maintenance tool of choice for users of Windows 8 and Windows 8.
Winternals Software, a provider of Microsoft systems recovery and data protection solutions announced on Wednesday (5 April) that Listawood Holdings Ltd, a provider of promotional products, has purchased Winternals Defrag Manager.
Worldwide Computer Products News-16 August 2005-Winternals reveals Defrag Manager 4.
The most likely reason your computer stalls is that another program, running in the background, is interrupting the defrag process.