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tr.v. de·fragged, de·frag·ing, de·frags Informal
To defragment.

de·frag′ger n.


a device which defragments computer files
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The free Auslogics Disk Defrag Touch is a perfect tool for maintaining the speed of any Windows machine, be it a desktop, laptop or a tablet like the brand-new Surface Pro 3; and since our new defragger currently has no equivalent on the market, anyone pre-ordering Microsoft's new device should take note of this useful tool and download it as soon as they get their new tablet.
Advanced System Optimizer's registry defragger and optimizer help you get maximum speed from your computer.
com)-- Raxco Software, the leader in system management utility software, announced today new pricing for its award-winning PerfectDisk defragger plus Raxco's entire line of consumer products.