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tr.v. de·fund·ed, de·fund·ing, de·funds
To stop the flow of funds to: "Some days, they wake up with a burning desire to defund the Public Broadcasting System and the National Endowment for the Arts" (Joe Conason).


vb (tr)
1. to remove the funds from (a person, organization, or scheme)
2. archaic to pour down



to withdraw financial support from: to defund a government program.
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In light of President Obama's threat to veto any bill that defunds Planned Parenthood, following is an overview of the 2016 presidential candidates' positions on the issue in alphabetical order.
Bush said the next president should defund Planned Parenthood.
Her budget defunds the public integrity unit, a division of the Travis County district attorney's office that investigates corruption of public officials.
Nelson's budget also defunds the Texas Racing Commission, which has been under fire in recent months for its decision to move forward with plans to permit for a controversial form of gambling known as historical racing at the state's racetracks despite objections from many lawmakers.
And invoking cloture on a bill that defunds Obamacare, it doesn't raise taxes, and respects the Budget Control Act strikes me as a no brainer.
Cruz supports the House-passed bill that would avert a government shutdown and defund Obamacare, as do many Republicans.
The current CR runs out at the end of the month, and about 40 to 50 House Republicans (out of 233) want to attach a rider that either delays or defunds the Affordable Care Act for a year and leaves everything else running.
And if Republicans insist that any spending bill must defund ObamaCare, then a showdown is inevitable that shuts down much of the government.
Cruz supports the contents of the bill, which in its current state defunds Obamacare, but wants to block the legislation in an attempt to keep Reid from stripping the defunding provision.
Under Senate rules, the latest the upper chamber will take the first procedural vote on a House spending bill that defunds Obamacare is 1 p.
Cruz came back to the floor two hours later to ask that the Senate unanimously approve the House-passed spending bill that defunds Obamacare without voting on any amendments, which prompted an objection from Reid.
House agrees to send #CR to Senate that defunds Obamacare.