degenerative arthritis

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Noun1.degenerative arthritis - chronic breakdown of cartilage in the joints; the most common form of arthritis occurring usually after middle age
arthritis - inflammation of a joint or joints
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Degenerative Arthritis - causes painful joints of the hands, the neck, the shoulders, hips and knees, usually.
Zoo officials say Aussie was euthanized Friday after staff determined that "it was the right time" as his health had failed in recent weeks due to degenerative arthritis in his legs and other age-related diseases.
Kolon Life Science (KOSDAQ: 102940) has started selling Invossa, its novel cell-mediated therapy for degenerative arthritis, in South Korea, the Korea Herald reported on Wednesday.
Professionals without degenerative arthritis, bone impingements or shallow hip sockets (aka hip dysplasia) also had favorable outcomes.
She had claimed that degenerative arthritis and back problems meant she couldn't even stretch her arms above her head.
She claimed to have degenerative arthritis as well as back problems so severe she couldn't even stretch her arms above her head and needed help with everyday activities like cooking and dressing.
6] Intercondylar notch stenosis increases incidence of ACL ruptures in patients with degenerative arthritis.
The diseases which cause pain or swelling in the same region such as pyogenic abscess, rheumatic diseases, degenerative arthritis, Tietze's syndrome, and osteonecrosis of the medial clavicle should be considered in the differential diagnosis.
The bank will devote in TissueGene, which is creating Invossa, the world's first gene therapy for degenerative arthritis.
Also known as degenerative arthritis, this occurs when the cartilage of the knee deteriorates with use and age which can worsen with injuries, and obesity.
Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as degenerative arthritis, is the most common form of arthritis and involves the joint cartilage.
Although the patient had a history of gout, it was felt that the degenerative changes of the right knee primarily represented degenerative arthritis and not an underlying gouty or inflammatory component.