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1. Reduced in rank, dignity, or esteem.
2. Having been corrupted or depraved.
3. Having been reduced in quality or value.

de·grad′ed·ly adv.
de·grad′ed·ness n.


(dɪˈgreɪ dɪd)

reduced in quality or value; debased; vulgarized.
de•grad′ed•ly, adv.
de•grad′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.degraded - unrestrained by convention or morality; "Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society"; "deplorably dissipated and degraded"; "riotous living"; "fast women"
immoral - deliberately violating accepted principles of right and wrong
2.degraded - lowered in value; "the dollar is low"; "a debased currency"
low - less than normal in degree or intensity or amount; "low prices"; "the reservoir is low"


1. humiliated, embarrassed, shamed, mortified, debased, discomfited, abased I felt cheap and degraded by his actions.
2. corrupt, low, base, abandoned, vicious, vile, sordid, decadent, despicable, depraved, debased, profligate, disreputable, debauched, dissolute, scungy (Austral. & N.Z.) morally degraded individuals
References in classic literature ?
But, after all, we felt, winged things who would live like that must be rather degraded creatures.
But under the influence of their degraded fortunes, both officers and men appeared better disposed to await the approach of their formidable antagonists, within their works, than to resist the progress of their march, by emulating the successful example of the French at Fort du Quesne, and striking a blow on their advance.
Here they could at least be once more in the country they loved, albeit of a milder and less heroic type, and a little degraded by the overlapping tinsel and scattered spangles of the palace.
Undoubtedly," said the daguerreotypist, "I do feel an interest in this antiquated, poverty-stricken old maiden lady, and this degraded and shattered gentleman,--this abortive lover of the beautiful.
This was a place kept by a Negro, who went out and drew off the old dregs of beer that lay in barrels set outside of the saloons; and after he had doctored it with chemicals to make it "fizz," he sold it for two cents a can, the purchase of a can including the privilege of sleeping the night through upon the floor, with a mass of degraded outcasts, men and women.
Shelby both felt annoyed and degraded by the familiar impudence of the trader, and yet both saw the absolute necessity of putting a constraint on their feelings.
The man must be punished somehow or other, so I degraded him from his office and made him leader of the band -- the new one that was to be started.
They have been cruel, every one; they have worked me night and day in degraded employments, and beaten me; they have fed me ill, and some days not at all.
Curiously enough, this rock was not degraded or defiled in any way.
To think I should have lived to be leading such a life, and be degraded down into such company.
It may, perhaps, be fairly questioned, whether any other portion of the population of the earth could have endured the privations, sufferings and horrors of slavery, without having become more degraded in the scale of humanity than the slaves of African descent.
John Dashwood now installed herself mistress of Norland; and her mother and sisters-in-law were degraded to the condition of visitors.