degree centigrade

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: centigrade - a degree on the centigrade scale of temperaturedegree centigrade - a degree on the centigrade scale of temperature
degree - a unit of temperature on a specified scale; "the game was played in spite of the 40-degree temperature"
standard temperature - exactly zero degrees centigrade
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7 degree centigrade on Sunday, forcing the people to remain indoor especially at the time of noon.
5 Percent No Minus Values Permitted, Function Service 1350 Degree Cetigrade, To With Stand Billet Load At 1350 Degree Centigrade, Slag Resistant.
Temperature of some major cities recorded on Saturday morning was: Islamabad 26 degree centigrade, Lahore and Peshawar 28, Karachi 29, Quetta 20,Gilgit and Murree 18 and Muzaffarabad 24 degree centigrade.
Temperature of some major cities recorded this morning is: Islamabad 6 degree centigrade, Lahore 7, Karachi 18, Peshawar 8, Quetta 3, Murree 4, Muzaffarabad 10 and Gilgit 1 degree centigrade.
Air Tempreature 10 Degree Centigrade To 60 Degree Centigrade With Resolution Of 0.
Temperature of some major cities recorded on Monday morning: Islamabad' Lahore and Muzaffarabad 26 degree centigrade' Karachi and Peshawar 28' Quetta 22' Gilgit 19 and Murree 18 degree centigrade.
amp;uot;AIRS will be able to read atmospheric temperatures to within one degree centigrade in one kilometer layers of altitude in the Earth's lower atmosphere.
Tenders are invited for Pen Shape Multi Stem Thermometer On/Of Degree Fahrenheit/ Degree Certigrade Function Range 10 Degree Centigrade To 150 Degree Centigrade Or 58 Degree Fahrenheit To 302 Degree Fahrenheit Accuracy Plus/Minus 1 Degree Centigrade Operating On 1X1:5V Dc Battery As Per Model No- St-2963 Abc Of M/S Ce Or Equivelent
MULTAN -- Mercury crossed 46 degree centigrade forcing people to remain indoors on another day of sizzling heat in the city.
Length Of Capilary Tube- 186 /-2Mm , Least Count 1 Degree Centigrade, Temperature Range- 50 Degree Centigrade To 850 Degree Centigrade, Weight- 120Gm Approx , Temperature Recording Time Within 6 Minutes.
The maximum temperature remained 33 degree centigrade in Peshawar while minimum temperature was 18 degree centigrade.
Islamabad 26 degree centigrade' Lahore 28' Karachi 29' Peshawar 27' Quetta 22' Gilgit 17 and Muzaffarabad 24 degree centigrade.