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Noun1.dehumanisation - the act of degrading people with respect to their best qualities; "science has been blamed for the dehumanization of modern life"
degradation, debasement - changing to a lower state (a less respected state)
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It's a stylistically daring poetic project about the dehumanisation of those deemed outsiders - we found it exhilarating and genuinely transformative.
Dehumanisation - equating the members of another group with animals, vermin, insects of diseases.
DRONES is a concept album, tackling the issues of drone warfare and the dehumanisation of conflict tied in with the abuse of power and the difficulty in challenging it.
Politicians and the press will further accelerate the demonisation of disabled people, and antidisabled hate crimes will soar as the toxic dehumanisation of vulnerable groups continues.
One of the most influential and high-profile women in the Arab world, Shaikha Mouza gave fresh examples of the double standards contributing to the dehumanisation of Muslims.
Why, therefore, cannot the present reactionary Israeli government understand that many of us here in the West see an unfortunate parallel between that period of recent history and their own dehumanisation and ill-treatment of the former Arab occupants of what was once Palestine and what has now become Gaza and the (Israelioccupied) West Bank?
The Confederate flag symbolises dehumanisation, injustice and pain.
He is not the only one -- the likes of Amr Hamzawy, Belal Fadl, and the scores of human rights activists that caution against the discourse of exclusion and dehumanisation, are also subjected to another kind of exclusion and dehumanisation themselves.
I've had a dehumanisation strategy towards those I considered valid targets so I could come to the point of killing them," he added.