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Noun1.dehumanisation - the act of degrading people with respect to their best qualities; "science has been blamed for the dehumanization of modern life"
degradation, debasement - changing to a lower state (a less respected state)
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A member of the Osun House of Assembly, Mr Olatunbosun Oyintiloye, has condemned the gross abuse and maltreatment meted upon Nigerians by some foreign countries, especially Libya, saying dehumanisation of Nigerians outside the shore of this country is rather unfortunate.
Organisers said on Facebook: "We're organizing this demo to avoid desensitisation and dehumanisation of the countless black lives both in America and the UK and worldwide that are told they don't matter.
The dehumanisation of the Rangers support must stop now.
I looked at the literature on dehumanisation and the consequences of dehumanisation.
It's a stylistically daring poetic project about the dehumanisation of those deemed outsiders - we found it exhilarating and genuinely transformative.
Dehumanisation - equating the members of another group with animals, vermin, insects of diseases.
DRONES is a concept album, tackling the issues of drone warfare and the dehumanisation of conflict tied in with the abuse of power and the difficulty in challenging it.
Politicians and the press will further accelerate the demonisation of disabled people, and antidisabled hate crimes will soar as the toxic dehumanisation of vulnerable groups continues.