dehydrated foods

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Noun1.dehydrated foods - food preserved by dehydration
food product, foodstuff - a substance that can be used or prepared for use as food
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Pet Supply shop specializing in holistic/natural/non-GMO frozen and dehydrated foods.
There are a few ways to ensure you produce high-quality dehydrated foods.
Currently, astronauts can only consume pre-packaged space food, such as freeze-dried or dehydrated foods sealed in packages.
Before this, it did not sell fresh foods, but mainly items such as dehydrated foods, chocolates or other long-lasting products.
I can give up the oven canning of my dehydrated foods if it is not safe.
Ms Goold said “Eating dehydrated foods is popular amongst raw foodies as removing the moisture preserves the enzymes and amino-acids that our bodies need to make protein.
Visitors can see sorting demonstrations of fresh, chilled, frozen, dry and dehydrated foods, as well as non-food commodities.
The purpose of going back to Denali was to test clothing I'd developed with Rab and to test dehydrated foods and a tent by MSR," he said.
Store dehydrated foods in airtight containers only; otherwise, they will absorb ambient moisture, which may cause spoilage.
They said that" dried and dehydrated foods are more concentrated than any other form of food stuff which minimises the post harvest losses, stability of prices and availability round the year".
Dehydrated foods offer a particular value as the ISS's newest dehydration station uses recycled water from the rest of the station.