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1. A substance, such as sulfuric acid, that removes water.
2. An appliance or an engineered system designed to remove water from substances such as absorbents or food.
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However, if you see any moisture forming on the inside of the bag, either dry the jerky further by putting it back in the oven or dehydrator, or refrigerate it.
You'll also find plans for building a solar dehydrator (don't miss the design on Page 67) and several styles of root cellars, plus everything else you need to go from harvest basket to cupboard with confidence.
Commercial Dehydrator Systems was born in a prune orchard in west Eugene in the early part of the last century.
Engineered Concepts, LLC says its emission-free natural gas dehydrator technology may be incorporated into new or retrofitted systems of any capacity without variance in efficiency or functionality.
Dry grated carrots in a dehydrator, but if you don't have a commercial model (or sun), you can make your own, quickly and inexpensively-no power tools required
On dehydrator tray, arrange lemon balm and dehydrate
Look for a dehydrator that has a top-mounted fan along with its heating element to circulate airflow for even drying.
We'll concede we don't know what crankcase acidity levels are and whether a dehydrator affects it in any way.
Since heating foods above the temperature of a summer's day is out, many raw foodists have a dehydrator.
It means drying provisions in a wooden dehydrator and singing hymns such as ``Come, Come You Saints.
A dehydrator works best, but you can use your oven.
To accomplish this, a pneumatic vacuum dehydrator, an extruder and a dryer have been incoporated to incoporated into a new patent pending process.